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The International Federation of Sport Climbing has created stricter regulations for IFSC Speed climbing events by defining standards for equipment to be used in the perspective of Speed World Record attempts.

The Speed License Rules

The Speed License Rules define both the compulsory equipment to validate a Speed World Record and the standards this equipment shall follow.

It also defines the conditions manufacturers of Speed climbing equipment must fulfil in order to be certified by the IFSC.

The IFSC leads an ongoing collaboration with athletes, technical experts and manufacturers on defining these requirements and constraints. The rules can be used by all, but certification is subject to specific verification and fees.

At this date certified companies and equipment are listed below.

Speed Walls
    1. Certified Speed Walls which can hold a world cup or a world record attempt(for exact location please contact us)
  • Canada: Central Saanich
  • China: Wujiang, Haiyang, Chongqing, Tianjin
  • Great Britain: Edinburgh (Ratho)
  • Italy: Arco, Bolzano, Campitello di Fassa
  • Korea: Mokpo, Iksan City, Goyang City, Suwon City, Sejong City, Gimhae City
  • Peru: Lima
  • Poland: Torun
  • USA: Reno (Nevada)
  • Japan: Tokyo, Kurayoshi (Tottori Prefecture)
  • India: Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

2. Certified Speed wall manufacturer
a. Climb Korea Ltd:
b. Entre-Prises:
c. Discovery:
d. Sint Roc

Note: From 2014 Speed walls which are not built by any of the above manufacturers are not certified. See details in the IFSC Speed License rules.

Speed Holds

Since March 22, 2013 with the IFSC World Cup in Chongqing, all IFSC Speed World Cups and Speed World Record attempts need to be run on the Certified Speed Holds manufactured by Planet-Roc.

To guarantee the origin of these holds, the Speed Holds include a serial number and QR code that can be scanned. This code directs you to a page where all certified holds are listed.

Timing System

It is the third and major requirement to set a Speed World Record.

The IFSC is currently working on reviewing the list of timing system providers. (Update 04/09/2018)

  • Geckoking (CHN) - GK-03 Climbing Competition Electronic Timing Device System (Update 01/08/2018)
  • Kassa (IRI) - Hengam3
Automatic Speed Belaying system 

The Speed World Record can be done only when a Certified Auto-Belay system is used. The Certified Provider is Perfect Descent (please see here) and the model is the Perfect Descent 220.

World Record

Last but not least, once the above requirements are met, Speed World Records can only be set if the record is sanctioned by a Jury President appointed by the IFSC.

All of the current world records and up to date information can be found at IFSC Rankings.

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