IFSC Official Climbing Wall Partner

Entre-Prises (EP) is a pioneer in the climbing wall industry, designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke solutions for the sport of climbing throughout the world.

From school walls to complex structures for IFSC international competitions by way of military training walls, fun climbing structures, and artificial caves, EP solutions cater for every environment, every climber, and every climbing discipline.
EP is active in a variety of markets: local authorities, clubs and federations, professional groups, and private investors (Clip 'n Climb). As a multi-specialist, EP also operates many leisure centres and organises events such as top-level climbing competitions.
Entre-Prises is constantly innovating to deliver complete and comprehensive solutions (structures, landing surfaces, holds, accessories, services, etc.) tailored to every type of wall and every project.
EP has developed the tried and true expertise required to provide detailed guidance for every stage of a wall project: from its conception to its management, including design, construction, and route-setting … and finally, maintenance services.
EP acts as a true local partner, with customisable solutions that provide comprehensive support for our customers and their projects.

EP is specialist in climbing solutions, committed to making climbing accessible to all.


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