IFSC Official Apparel, Ropes & Safety Gears Partner:

logo-kailasKAILAS is widely recognized across China as the most innovative and technical outdoor company.
Specialized in climbing apparel and equipment, KAILAS endeavors to provide a full outdoor experience, developing mountaineering and climbing around the world.
In 2013, KAILAS initiated a series of programs in China including “Kailas Unclimbed Project”, “China Rock Searching”; “Kailas Outdoor Leader Training Program”; “Kailas School of Mountaineering” and in cooperation with China Mountaineering Association we also launched “Kailas Climbing Star of Hope” to promote climbing among Chinese new generation.

The limitless energy and passion that KAILAS creative, experienced team shares for the outdoors, has not only driven the company to be Asia’s best outdoor brand but also to win 7 ISPO Awards this 2015.

We will continue to fulfill our commitment of creating a promising future for  passionate climbers and mountaineers in the world.

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