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IFSC Membership Information

IFSC Levels of Membership

MemberVoting RightsGovernance & Sport ManagementIFSC Events HostingIFSC Events ParticipationAnnual Fees (2018)


All All All All

2500 €  

*Associate Member Relevant Continental Council PA Continental Continental All 1500 €
Continental Member

Relevant Continental Council PA

Continental Continental Continental: compulsory WCH, YWCH, and Continental CH Fee set by the relevant Continental Council (Minimum 500 )

Developing Continental  Member

No No No Compulsory Continental CH or WCH 100 €
Observer Member No No Yes, if approved by the relevant IFSC National Member No 2000 

* According to the vote of the Plenary Assembly 2017:

- Associate Members Annual Fee 2019 is set at 2000.00 €

- Associate Membership will no longer exist starting from 1st January 2020.


Download the Membership Application Form (pdf file)



    Membership of IFSC is open to national climbing organisations, uniquely representing climbing and climbing competitions in that country. In addition, the organisation must:
  1. be organised with bye-laws acceptable to IFSC;
  2. be open to participation without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, gender;
  3. be controlled by its members according to democratic principles.

Application process

Membership applications should be made through the Secretary-General and/or through the IFSC office. Applications should include the following :


  • Information about the applicant - name, address, email, website, key contacts.
  • Copy of the body's statutes and bye-laws if applicable.
  • Statement of the number of active members.
  • Latest annual financial accounts and bank statement.
  • Latest annual report of activities of the organisation.
  • A brief history of the organisation.
  • Statement of the legal status of the organisation (eg incorporation, non-profit etc).


  • Organisation website.
  • Evidence (eg websites, photographs, media clippings, video) of national championships or other major competitive events held.
  • Evidence of participation of teams in international competition.
  • Evidence of regional reach within the country.
  • Newsletter (paper or electronic) or other communications to the membership.
  • Plans for the development of competition climbing sports and the organisation.
  • Reference from at least 1 existing member of IFSC.
  • National Olympic Committee / National Sport Ministry recognition.
    The IFSC office will follow-up with individual applications.

Membership Benefits

  • Competition - The ability to compete in International events such as World Championships, Continental Championships, World and Continental Cup series events. IFSC works to ensure that these events are the best climbing competitions in the world.
  • Sport Promotion – International events such as those mentioned above provide opportunities for all members to promote our sport by bringing the best in the world together at a single event.
  • Athlete pathways – International events give your athletes something to strive for beyond your national championships.
  • Event standards - IFSC events are produced to the highest standards, serving as a model for competition at national level, and providing resources that can be reused by national organisations.
  • Hosting - The opportunity to host international events, and the financial, administrative and athletic rewards that come with hosting.
  • Rules - Standard rules for all climbing competitions that are used throughout the vast majority of the world.
  • Representation - Members have a voice in decision-making processes which affect competition climbing globally, nationally and locally.
  • Communication - IFSC is a forum for international discussion on the development of competition climbing and sharing of ideas and expertise. IFSC shares information about climbing to its members through email lists and website.
  • Lobbying - IFSC promotes climbing in the international sporting community through its membership in international organizations.
  • World Records - Administering world records and the standards by which they are set.
  • Inspiration - Athletes that compete internationally often become inspired to get more involved with administration at a local or national level and drive organisations and teams to achieve more.
  • Expansion - IFSC facilitates the establishment of climbing in new countries, through developing ties with established neighbouring national organisations, supplying administrative advice and providing models for competition and development. The establishment of new national organisations provide variety in competition for its existing members, closer to home, and enriches the cultural experience of climbing.

Membership Fees

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