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The IFSC is proud to have Climbers Against Cancer, founded by British climber John Ellison in 2013, as its official charity.

Arco CAC

CAC founder, John Ellison, an avid climber from Great Britain, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in late 2011. He founded CAC in January of 2013 in order to bring together the incredible support and camaraderie of the climbing community to assist in raising both awareness of the disease and funds for cancer research.

Over the last 2 years the charity commonly referred to as CAC has reached areas many other charities just couldn’t dream of reaching. From Canada to China, Australia to Alaska, Slovenia to Sweden, Italy to Iran, Argentina to Austria the list is endless and there are very few if any countries where someone doesn’t own a colourful t-shirt.

The spectacular growth of this great climbers charity is down to every single one of you who have worn the tops with pride sending out a message not only to cancer but all diseases and obstacles we face in life. A message of love, hope and togetherness unseen before amongst the members of this universal family called climbers.

So far approximately 20,000 t-shirts have been printed and sold since the launch of of the charity on 23rd January 2013. That equates to an estimated number of 833 per month over the past two years or 192 per week or even more stunning 27 per day!!!

Collectively we have managed to raise a gross figure in the region of €420,000.00 Euro’s , $477,336.00 Dollars or even more outstanding 57,000,000.00 Japanese Yen as a grand total. CAC has then to pay for the purchasing of the t-shirts and hoodies etc and get them printed in the case of the shirts and embroidered with the hoodies

We have already made 7 donations each with a value of £10,000 to cancer research facilities in Australia, France, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Germany and South Korea with many more being discussed for the coming season. 

John's last donation during the World Youth Championships in Arco, September 2015:

John Ellison was also appointed as an Honorary Member of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) during the IFSC Plenary Assembly held March 1, 2014 in Paris, France.

The IFSC will not forget you, John, and will keep supporting CAC proudly.
"You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth" - John

Learn more, donate or purchase a t-shirt or hoodie at, and connect socially to CAC on Facebook, and Twitter.

IFSC President, Marco Scolaris, and IFSC Marketing & Communications Director, Anne Fuynel, talk to CAC Founder John Ellison at the 2014 Innsbruck World Cup.



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