Lead and Speed European Championships 2015 10-12 July, Chamonix (FRA)

As announced in IFSC Europe PA and IFSC PA in Baden, the ranking of the Lead and Speed European Championships 2015 will be calculated according to the ranking of the Lead and Speed World Cup 2015 in Chamonix.

Please note the following:

- ECH ranking: At the end of each WC (L and S), the non-European Athletes will be removed from the WC ranking and then the ECH ranking will be calculated.
- Registration quota:
a) Any current Adult/Youth World/European Champion (only for the Discipline in which they are champion) at the start of the Calendar Year; and
b) In addition to (a), a further five (5) competitors for each Category and Discipline of the competition.
- Registration :
o Double registration is mandatory on E-groupware for each European Athlete (one registration for the WC and one for the European Championships)
o fees: no extra registration fees for Athletes competing for the ECH ranking.

- There is no prize money for the ECH.

- Combined ranking:
o Only climbers who will compete in all three disciplines (Lead, Speed, and Boulder) of both European Championships Innsbruck 2015 and European Championships Chamonix 2015 will be included in the Combined ranking.

- The 2015 ECH is in the list of the qualifying events for the World Games 2017

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