To the IFSC Member Federations registered to the European Youth Championship 2013 – Imst (AUT) , July 27-29

Dear National Federations,
Please see below an important statement from the IFSC President and the IFSC European Council President regarding the participation of the French Team at the EYC – Imst, July 27-29

European Youth Championship 2013 - Imst, July 27-29 - Participation of the French (FFME) Lead Team
No French Team Official did confirm the registration of  the French Lead Team persons on Thursday 25th of July by  the deadline reported in the info sheet (20.00 pm), in occasion of the European Youth Championships, Imst, Austria. The registration confirmation procedure in case of late arrival was not followed either (ref. Art. 13.4 of IFSC rules, and in particular 13.4.3 and 13.4.4).
Because of the above, in accordance with the relevant rules, competitors were deleted from the startlists.
However, after being informed of the issue, the IFSC President - Marco Maria Scolaris - and the IFSC Europe President - Dr. Wolfgang Wabel - together with the Jury President - Tim Hatch - and the IFSC Vice President - Helmut Knabl - in order to protect the young climbers involved from the irregular behaviour of their coach, decided:
1.  to issue a red card (disqualification) to the coach of the French Lead Team
2. to propose a fine for FFME to be set by the IFSC Executive Board
3. to include the French athletes in the starting lists of the European Youth Championship.
Finally, it is recommended to the IFSC Sport Department to evaluate a possible review of rule 13.4, taking into the account the decisions taken.
Marco Maria Scolaris
IFSC President
Dr. Wolfgang Wabel
IFSC Europe President
Imst, July 27th, 2013”

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