4 Bouldering Medals for Japan

The 2019 Wujiang Bouldering World Cup saw strong overall performances from the Japanese team, who claimed four of the total six podium places. The women’s competition was also highly anticipated featuring the return of Miho NONAKA (JPN) to the world cup scene and the opportunity to witness yet another nearly flawless performance by Janja GARNBRET (SLO).


2 New Gold Medalists in Wujiang

Despite the early conditions on the wall appearing less than ideal, this weekend’s Speed World Cup in Wujiang, China was full of personal bests and surprising results. As the 2019 speed season progresses, climbers are speeding up with average times decreasing each world cup, particularly among the non-speed specialists.


IFSC World Cup Wujiang to be Watched Around the World

The Chinese segment of the IFSC World Cup Series continues this weekend with Bouldering and Speed events in Fenhu Wujiang, located in the Eastern province of Jiangsu, China. As with the first three events of the season the IFSC World Cup Wujiang will be broadcast internationally, thanks to a set of broadcasting deals secured by the IFSC which aim to increase the exposure of the sport in the approach to next year’s Olympic Games.


Manuel CORNU Wins First Gold Medal

Without the competition of the 2 previous gold medalists in the Finals (ONDRA was sick and KRUDER failed to qualify for the semis), the outcome was entirely uncertain. Finishing at the top was the French Climber Manuel CORNU who took this opportunity to climb onto the podium for the first time in an IFSC World Cup, winning his first gold medal.


New Speed World Record by Gold Medalist

The only thing hotter than the temperature in Chongqing this weekend was the swiftness of the speed climbers. Closing out an incredible speed competition in this year’s 2019 Chongqing World Cup, we were lucky enough to see world class performances from both the men and women.

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