About sport climbing

Sport Climbing has extremely attractive and positive characteristics: it combines strong natural foundation with thrilling human challenges in the physically demanding yet safe conditions.
Sport Climbing can be practiced indoor or outdoor, in the natural environment or on the walls. Sport climbing is accessible to millions around the globe and is non-discriminatory regarding age, gender and physical ability.
Climbing is a basic human movement (we learn to climb before we walk!) allowing the development of both physical (strength, balance, coordination) and mental (self-confidence, trust in others, discipline) skills.

Sport climbing is:

  • Logical (from the bottom to the top)
  • Accessible to all age groups and populations (indoor or outdoor)
  • Social (as a meeting place)
  • Environmental (low impact on environment / low energy consumption)
  • Safe
  • Challenging (highly technical, mentally and physically demanding)
  • Fair (judgement with clear rules and regulations)
  • Spectacular
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