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LUXOV® is the system of connected climbing holds which reinvent the way to practice indoor climbing!

We believe LUXOV® will bring fantastic new features to competitions, facilitating record performance, offering real time interaction between climbers and the wall, and illuminating the competition for the public.

LUXOV® ‘s team of passionate individuals is reinventing how we look at climbing walls AND how we use them, whether in competition or training. The whole climbing community can benefit, from beginners to world champions!

LUXOV® is a system of interconnected, translucent climbing holds, which light up as required. They are connected with the climber’s bracelet, to a computer network.

The main functionalities are :

> Pilot which hold to light up and when, creating interactive routes during training (for endurance work, for example)

> Design several different routes using the same set of holds (between a semi and a final for example, saving much time and effort for route setters)

> Record climbers’ movements as an aid to coaching

> Store historic data for each user


Our passion for climbing began originally with Volx Climbing, our sister company. We value community, so we are willing to establish partnerships with climbing equipment manufacturers to enhance and develop the system for further added value to the global climbing family.

In 2018, LUXOV® launches its new range of connected holds with LUXOV® Touch.

What is LUXOV Touch® ?

LUXOV® Touch is a system of connected holds that are touch-sensitive, enabling the climbers to track performance in detail, since it will show exactly when they touched the hold, and for how long. The precision with which LUXOV® Touch measures the speed of climbing provides climbers with performance data. They are able to orient their training programme since they know exactly for how long they grip the holds.

LUXOV® Touch has the capacity to bring electronic key datas during climbing training and competitions. LUXOV® Touch can also provide real time display of the holds that have been touched, and this can be used for competitions or games, recording scores for individual climbers and/or teams. This unique and innovative technology was patented in 2017.


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